Beyond the Weekend

September 26 | Paul’s Suffering

September 26, 2016

Colossians 1.24-2.5

Begin your week by watching Senior Teaching Pastor Jeff Manion recite this week’s passage in Colossae below.

From his prison cell, Paul sees a challenge on the horizon for these new Colossian believers: the role of suffering. Paul understood that suffering is part of the Jesus Way and his time in prison simply meant it was his turn. After all, the Jesus he followed suffered by enduring the doubts of many, the consistent challenge from religious authorities, betrayal, flogging, a mock trial, and ultimately execution. Using the image of a cup, Pastor Bob King illustrated that Paul and the Colossians still had yet to fill their cup with the sufferings of Jesus.

By calling the Colossians to embrace selfless service, Paul recognized there would be times when the result would be rejection, hurt, and suffering at the hands of those they served. However, because we don’t want to suffer, he also knew that faith can be shipwrecked by avoiding these types of situations. Perhaps you don’t suffer because you don’t serve. Maybe you don’t get hurt because you don’t offer help. Maybe you don’t ache because you don’t assist. Maybe “it’s your turn.”

Today, in your The New You journal (click here for a PDF version) write down a moment in your life when you witnessed someone suffer and identify how their suffering resulted in something good. Take your journal to your Circle to share your moment as a way to encourage your group to fill their cup and embrace the necessity and value of suffering for growth.



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