Beyond the Weekend

October 6 | Debt

October 6, 2016

Colossians 2.9-15

Paul deeply cares about the salvation and continued growth of the new believers in Colossae.  Although they’ve never met, he admonishes them not to blend in worldly ideals to their Christian experience and emphasizes the magnitude of what Christ did to cancel their debt and give them a new standing with God.

The accumulation of our wrongs incurs a debt with God. We owe him for what we’ve said, what we’ve taken, and what we’ve done that he says is wrong. We all know we do wrong things that we can’t make right on our own. Watch the clip below as Pastor Manion explains how Jesus nailed all our debts to the cross.

Paul emphasizes there is nothing anyone or anything can add to, or take away from, Jesus nailing our sins to the cross. It’s the most complete, expensive, and precious gift ever given to you.  As Pastor Manion has emphasized, “beware of the blender.”

Take a moment today to listen to the song “Here and Now” written and performed by our Ada Bible Church music director, Andy Ferris. Listen to the words and praise God that the Savior has made us new as “we leave the old behind and open our hands to his grace. Here and now the broken are rising from death into new life.”

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