Beyond the Weekend

October 7 | Power

October 7, 2016

Colossians 2.15

Colossian Christians must have been shocked, then relieved, to hear Jesus is all powerful. This is not what they had been taught. In their world, Caesar was all powerful and his rule was kept throughout the Roman Empire by the one belief that Caesar will disarm and shame his foes into submission by power and violence. For anyone living in the Roman Empire, Caesar had power over them—all they needed to see to believe it was an enemy hanging on a cross.

Paul’s amazing message to the Colossians is Jesus has power over everything and everyone, including Caesar. No Roman ritual triumphed over the power of Christ and his message of salvation. No Jewish law nor tradition overpowered the work of Christ on the cross. None of these things need to be added, nor should be added, to the Christian faith. Neither Caesar nor any philosophy nor ritual of the world has power over you when you are in Christ.

Today in your Chair time, consider what ideals and practices you’ve subtly blended into your faith walk that have become “Caesars.” It could be a political view, a cultural practice, or a sign of success. As you identify them, confess them to God as you rest in the power of Jesus and experience his peace.

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