Beyond the Weekend

October 11 | Breaking Away

October 11, 2016

 Colossians 3.3-7

The Colossians lived in a culture with a prevailing lack of sexual ethics. After affirming their new life in Christ, this is the first area of struggle Paul addresses. Stated simply, God has designed sex for one man and one woman in the confines of marriage and everything else is sin. Because they’d been taught that sex was a commodity to be traded and a practice that appeased the gods, this was a foreign concept to most of the believers in Colossae.

We too live in a culture where sex is incredibly distorted. We all experience some level of sexual brokenness. Pornography, affairs, sex before marriage, and homosexuality are manifestations of that brokenness. Just like the Colossians, we need to break away. We have a new identity in Christ, but breaking away from our old habits is not always so easy.

Healing starts with our identity in Jesus. When we surrender to Jesus, we’re raised from death to life. Colossians 3.3 says, “For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” We’re now on a journey of living into the life we’ve been given. This means changing our heart and mind about our sexuality. We don’t need to look at porn to be satisfied, or sleep with someone to find acceptance. We find that in God alone.

Perhaps you’re wrestling with your sexual brokenness and need to pray and confess to God. You could begin by praying something like this: Dear Father, thank you for purchasing my life and giving me a new identity. I recognize I’ve been turning to sex when I should’ve been turning to you. Please forgive me for the ways I’ve used this gift in a dishonoring way and help me to honor you with my sexuality and live out the life you’ve purchased for me.

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