Beyond the Weekend

October 13 | Dirty Clothes

October 13, 2016

Colossians 3.8

We wouldn’t put dirty clothes on right after we jump out of the shower. Similarly, our attitudes and our actions need to begin matching our new identity in Jesus. One area that can be particularly difficult to put off is anger.

Anger doesn’t match our new identity in Jesus. We are loved, treasured, cherished, and adopted. We don’t have to make everyone pay anymore. Like dirty clothes, we’re supposed to “strip off” our anger and begin to put on clothes of kindness, humility, and patience.

There are different kinds of anger. Sometimes it’s a steady simmer and sometimes a boiling rage that spills out on anyone who bumps us. Anger always comes from the heart. And while there are certain instances when anger is appropriate, generally our simmering anger comes from a deep discontentment with some aspect of life. God wants to deliver you from the bondage of your anger.

Today, as you take steps to “put off” the clothes of anger, take a minute to identify where you find yourself growing in anger and then write about this in your journal. Next, ask your family or someone close to you when they see you most angry. Sometimes we’re blind to our anger, but those closest to us can usually pinpoint it. Invite their observation and accept it with humility as you begin to experience the peace found in your identity in Jesus.

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