Beyond the Weekend

October 27 | The Difference

October 27, 2016

Colossians 3.12-14

Walking through the city of Colossae you couldn’t help but notice the diversity of Jews, Gentiles, Greeks, Romans, Scythians and slaves going about doing their business. This wasn’t a unified culture. But then you see a group of those same people having a meal and discussion together. You’d have to ask yourself, “What in the world do they have in common?” Let’s take that a little further. Freemen looked down on slaves. Barbarians mocked Scythians. Jews didn’t eat with Gentiles. Why should these people get along? It didn’t make sense.

When you have a common purpose for living, it does make sense because you make the difference to a confused and lost world. Listen below as Pastor Manion explains how just as Israel was called by God to be a holy nation that would draw people to God through their behavior, Christians are called to draw people to God by reflecting the Christ.

Jesus followers have Jesus in common. Regardless of background, by accepting him as Savior, you enter into a relationship of new life, purpose and goals. One of these goals is to reflect him. When you put on the five attributes of Christ, Paul teaches that you reflect his love (Colossians 3.14) and everyone will know you are his follower. Jesus Christ, in you, is the difference that will draw others to him.

Today in your Chair time, identify an attribute you struggle with and ask God to change your heart and help you reflect Jesus.

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