Beyond the Weekend

November 10 | Honoring Others

November 10, 2016

Colossians 3.22-25

Generally speaking, we don’t value employees in relationship to how we value the product of those employees. We love clean restrooms, but we generally don’t honor custodians with the same delight we have in the clean restroom. We love a well cooked meal, but we generally don’t honor line cooks in the same way we delight over the meal.

Our challenge is focusing in on the goodness of the worker instead of focusing on the goodness of the product. God wants us to value people. God sees our hearts when we work. He judges and rewards that work based on that rubric. He desires for us to do the same. So whether someone does a great job leading a corporate meeting or preparing a delicious meal, we should show them honor more than simply delighting in the fine product.

Today, as you pass through work environments and notice a job well done, take a moment to show honor to the person responsible. If a barista serves your coffee with a smile and good attitude, thank her for serving you. If you notice a cashier handling a troubling customer with grace, thank them for bringing their whole heart to their job. Be intentional in showing gratitude and honor today.

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