Beyond the Weekend

November 28 | Gratitude

November 28, 2016

Colossians 3.15-17
This past weekend Pastor Jeff Manion talked to us about the source of our gratitude—Jesus. This was the point the Apostle Paul conveyed to the fledgling Christians in Colossae. As men and women come to believe and follow Jesus, their lives should begin to reflect his goodness.

Through our relationship with Jesus, we find peace with God and each other. And the posture of our heart is to be one of gratitude—a propelling awe of God’s incredible kindness toward us. We should never get comfortable with the grace of God in Jesus. It should always move us.

The Body of Christ—the Church—is an amazing thing! When we become believers and followers of Jesus, we become forever connected to other believers. We’re dependent upon one another, just as the human body is dependent upon all its individual parts working in harmony.

Any group of people working together is bound to experience challenges and differences of opinion. This is normal and natural. But the Body of Christ is to function with a higher capacity. All of our interactions with one another are to be grounded in gratitude. As a church, when we are in awe of Jesus’ love for us, we tend to love one another better and represent Jesus better too.

During our fall series, you may have received a card modeling a prayer. The final element of this prayer reads, “Give joyful thanks because you have rescued us from the darkness and brought us into a new life and new hope found in Christ.”

Today, write out your own prayer of thanksgiving to God. And while it’s good to thank God for all his earthly gifts like family and health, use this time to specifically thank God for his salvation through Jesus and all the ways it has affected your life.

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