Beyond the Weekend

December 9 | A Season of Grace

December 9, 2016

John 1.14-27

As Pastor Aaron Buer reminded us last weekend, Christmas is a season of grace. God entered our world to embody grace and to bring us grace. John 1.14-17 states Jesus was “full of grace and truth” and “grace and truth came through Jesus.”

Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted and frustrated during the holidays. We get busy decorating, shopping, cooking, working, visiting family, and driving kids to events. In the midst of this busyness, try to be a person of grace. When the barista messes up your coffee order, be gracious. When your sister-in-law changes dinner plans for the third time, be gracious.

The point of Christmas is God’s grace given to us through Jesus. When we begin to understand the grace we receive from God, we should desire to give grace to others.

Today, as the Christmas season gets underway, remember it’s about Jesus and the grace of God. Draw yourself back to the worship service this weekend, by watching this video of “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus.”

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