Beyond the Weekend

December 12 | Deep Disappointment

December 12, 2016

Luke 1.5-7

Pastor Jeff Manion reminded us this past weekend that it’s very difficult to open your Bible and draw the conclusion, “If God loves you then things will go well.” Zechariah and Elizabeth were holy people, yet childless. While their younger years were full of hopes and plans for children, decades of waiting had turned to shame, disgrace, and confusion. Now, they’re old beyond the point of holding out any hope for conceiving a child.

So many of you can relate. You possess a profound sense of “This is not how life is supposed to be.” This is the first year a beloved relative won’t be at Christmas dinner. Your tireless effort to accomplish a dream that’s been shattered has left you picking up the pieces wondering, “What now?” The Bible is full of God’s choicest servants passing through a season of disappointment.

Yet, this is the basis for hope and our longing for the arrival of Jesus our Savior. We share the same hope followers of Jesus have held for thousands of years. We long for Jesus to arrive and heal all of our pain, suffering, and disappointment. In the meantime, we wait.

Take a moment to listen to the song “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle. Reflect on the ways God has entered into your disappointment, grief, and suffering as you pray for his help to trust him moving forward.

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