Beyond the Weekend

December 15 | God’s Timing

December 15, 2016

Luke 1.13-25

We are addicted to immediacy. More than any other generation in history, we demand instant gratification: high-speed internet, overnight air, on-demand entertainment, and fast food. This addiction doesn’t set up well to submit ourselves to the hands of a God who works patiently and intergenerationally.

The story of Zechariah and Elizabeth starkly contrasts our culture and addiction to instant gratification. This couple waits their entire married life for a child who doesn’t come. Then when Zechariah is told he will have a son, he is so old he calls this news into question. Zechariah and Elizabeth learn firsthand that God works in his own timing, which can be difficult to accept.

In the face of suffering, disappointment, and grief we might ask, “Why us? Why this? Why now?” Over time, the journey of trust turns these questions into “What now?” We realize our child is not coming back, the adoption fell through, the house is foreclosed, the business can’t get another bridge loan or the chemo is failing.

We begin the profound work of acquiring a faith that believes God is good and can be trusted in the middle of our mess. We learn that God is at work to bring about things we cannot see or envision on his own timetable. Watch the video clip below as Pastor Manion highlights the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth inviting and showing us how to be deeply faithful when we are deeply disappointed.

In your Chair time today copy these words, “God, I believe you are good, you are wise, and you can be trusted with my mess.” Place this in a prominent location where you can easily remind yourself of who God is.

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