Beyond the Weekend

December 19 | Glory and Peace

December 19, 2016

Luke 2.8-20

Christmas is God’s story of glory and peace. It’s the story of his entrance into our reality to save us. From the moment Adam and Eve disobey he foretells his story throughout the history of Israel, getting them ready for his predicted entrance.

This long and anticipated arrival, by its very nature, demands an entrance of beauty and comfort, with the most professional of attendants, and witnessed by those of the richest and most dignified rank and position. Yet God chose to come quietly, born to an engaged Jewish teenager in a humble stable. His birth was attended by her fiance and witnessed only by farm animals dwelling in the stable. No fanfare, no hoopla, and the God-child Jesus was laid to sleep in a feeding trough.

But there was a celebration somewhere else! God went all out to announce the arrival of his Divine Son in the most majestic, spectacular way to shepherds tending flocks out in the wilderness. An angel of the Lord materializes—giving them information about the child and an invitation to visit him. A legion of angels suddenly and terrifyingly appear and are praising God, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests” (Luke 2.14).

The Christmas story is about God’s glory and the peace he offers by becoming Emmanuel (God is with us) to save us. As you begin this week before Christmas, write out and memorize Luke 2.14 to help you remember who is at the center of this season of celebration.

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