Beyond the Weekend

December 22 | “Come On In”

December 22, 2016

Revelation 3.20

When a king comes to town you’d expect an official gathering to honor him that would include an exceptional venue filled with dignitaries and influential people. But when God the King becomes human and enters our reality, the venue and guest list are quite different. His banquet is in a barn and the invited dignitaries are simple shepherds. The point being, Jesus invites common, simple people to join him.

Jesus had time for the “down and outers” as well as the “up and outers.” His invitation list included rule-breaking tax collectors like Zacchaeus (Luke 19.1-8) and rule followers like Nicodemus the Pharisee (John 3.1-21). Jesus’ invitation list is for all of us.

In Revelation 3.20 there’s a door representing each person’s life. Watch the clip below as Pastor Manion explains that Jesus is knocking on the door offering fellowship to those who recognize they can’t live up to God’s standard without him. He’s waiting to hear, “Come on in.”

It may be you have never opened this door or you need to reopen it. Today, as you meet with God in the Chair, offer him this simple prayer, “Come on in. Jesus I need you. I open (or reopen) the door of my heart and accept your offer of salvation, new life, and fellowship.” If you want to talk more about this, contact us at

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