Beyond the Weekend

December 30 | Glory There – Peace Here

December 30, 2016

Luke 2.10-14

After the angel delivers his message to the shepherds, an army of angels appears proclaiming this glorious truth, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests” (Luke 2.14). In other words, “glory there, peace here.”

First, their words are a declaration of God’s glory. He is the source of God’s restoration coming in the form of an infant. God is behind the salvation and deserves all the credit, honor, and glory. It’s fitting and good to worship him with everything we are. Second, they’re proclaiming peace to any who will receive the rule of King Jesus in their lives.

Jesus came to reconcile all those who are at odds with God (which is everyone). Those who receive his reconciliation will experience true peace. Only when Christ rules in our hearts can we experience the peace he came to give us.

As we conclude 2016, let us worship God simply because he’s worthy! May this be the essence of our relationship with God. He’s the King and the source of any and all goodness in this world. And may we experience his peace by surrendering to his perfect rule in our hearts.

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