Beyond the Weekend

January 3 | Call Out

January 3, 2017

Matthew 14.25-31

With the wind howling and the waves crashing against the beleaguered boat, Peter and the disciples see what they can only describe as a “ghost” walking on the water toward them. When Peter hears what he thinks is the familiar voice of Jesus, he asks for permission to walk on the water to Jesus. With the invitation given, this veteran fisherman (who knew people don’t walk on water!), steps out of the boat and walks toward Jesus.

Several steps into his “journey,” Peter reassesses his situation. The windstorm is pounding, the waves are crashing, and the relative safety of the boat (and his buddies) is rapidly receding behind him. At the end of his faith, and beginning to sink, he calls out (loud enough to be heard over the roar of the wind and waves) to Jesus, “Lord, save me!”

With the sea about to engulf him, Jesus immediately reaches out, grabs Peter’s hand and takes him to the boat. Peter called out and God came in.

When we get frustrated, disappointed, or anxious, it’s easy to wonder why God allows such things to happen to his children. But it’s at these times, especially, God commands us to “call out” to him for help. When we do, he will come to our rescue just as he did for Peter.

Today, as you welcome God into your day, “call out” to him about the situation you identified yesterday. Pray this prayer, “Lord, save me in this situation. I need your hand to grab me right now. I need your help to get back in the boat. Thank you for rescuing me.”

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