Beyond the Weekend

January 5 | Persistence

January 5, 2017

Luke 11.5-13

While there’s much about prayer we don’t know, we do know God desires our persistence in prayer. Through persistence we’re encouraged to pray with confidence and reminded that God is always ready to give.

In this parable in Luke 11.5-13, a man is seeking bread for a guest who’s unexpectedly visiting. He goes to a friend at midnight and persistently asks for the needed food. Jesus explains that although the friend might not get out of bed for the sake of the friendship, he will because of the urgent request. Because the requestor wouldn’t stop, the friend responds.

Persistence changes our hearts and minds as it focuses us on the intensity of our need. It also helps us recognize God’s work. It’s not that we’re trying to get a reluctant God to answer; instead, we are showing we’re very serious about our request.

Today, continue to pray about the situation in which you’re “stuck.” Write down this request on a 3 x 5 card and use it as a reminder to pray about this situation for 30 consecutive days. Keep “asking…seeking…knocking” (Luke 11.10). Stay persistent!

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