Beyond the Weekend

January 9 | Paul’s Helpers

January 9, 2017

Colossians 4.7-18
Tychicus. Aristarchus. Epaphras. Nympha. Archippus. While Paul mentions these people in the hello/goodbye section of his letter to the church in Colossae, they aren’t central characters in the Bible. Nobody seems to be naming their firstborn after them today either. Yet, they each played an important role in the spread of the good news about Jesus.

While it’s true Paul was a monumental figure in the first century church, he didn’t do it alone. Everywhere Paul went there were people surrounding him. Whether speaking in the Ephesian marketplace or under house arrest in Rome, faithful people minister with him and to him.

These faithful people show us that every person matters. They exhibit the outstanding marks of extraordinary team players, serving wherever needed. Over the next few weeks we’ll examine a handful of these people. They’ll help us understand what it means to bring our best self in service to God.

Today, choose to bring your best in service to God. Pick a character trait you would like to develop. It might be trustworthiness, faithfulness, being a person of encouragement, or a person of prayer or humility. Next, jot down three ways you can work toward developing it. The first should be a simple way you can do it today. The second, a way you can show that character trait this week. And the third should be a larger goal you can do over the course of this month.

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