Beyond the Weekend

January 11 | Trustworthy

January 11, 2017

Acts 20.4

“You can count on her.” “You can count on him.” While everyone wants people to be able to say that about them, it doesn’t just happen. It starts with the small things and requires steady and consistent results. A trustworthy person is someone you can repeatedly count on. Tychicus was trustworthy.

When the churches in Asia needed to send a large sum of money over a great distance to the church in Jerusalem, they wanted someone trustworthy. They chose Tychicus. In a world where everyone took their cut and skimming off the top was pretty standard, Tychicus could be trusted. Paul knew he could count on him and so did the churches. They chose him to carryout the assignment with integrity.

One of the marks of a mature Christ follower is being trustworthy. We should all work toward being people who can be counted on. Today, list three to five people in your life you can count on. Thank God for placing those people in your life. Then, list five people who can count on you. Ask God to help you be trustworthy.

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