Beyond the Weekend

January 27 | Communion

January 27, 2017

1 Corinthians 11.23-26 

In last weekend’s sermon Pastor Manion makes the point that Nympha gave the best of what she had to serve God—her home. She allowed him to further his kingdom through the believers who learned, grew, and shared the Gospel through what they experienced there.

Nympha’s heart of generosity echoes God, who generously gave his Son to save us. Even though decades later her fellow believers turned away from God to rely on their wealth, that same Son offers to re-engage with them. His invitation in Revelation 3.20 is to a church of people who have lost their way.

When Jesus asks us to take Communion (see Luke 22.19-20), he is telling us to remember the great and generous gift of forgiveness and redemption he’s given us. His broken body and shed blood bring us into a relationship with the God who was willing to go to this most generous extreme to have a relationship with us.

Communion reminds us we are forgiven and wanted by God. Even when we wander away, lured by financial stability and the things wealth offers, he’s always there, knocking at the door, asking us to accept his forgiveness and re-invite him to continue that wonderful relationship.

Today, Jesus may be asking you to re-engage with him, or he may be reminding you what he has done for you. Listen to “Praise the Name” by Hillsong and rejoice in the generosity of what our God has given us.

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