Beyond the Weekend

February 17 | Making Your Mark

February 17, 2017

Colossians 4.7-18

The cities surrounding Colossea in Turkey have some impressive ancient ruins such as a stadium in Laodicea and a theater in Hierapolis. The names of the athletes and actors have slipped into irrelevant obscurity, if known at all. Yet, there are six people we have records about from that area. Six people who gave of themselves to advance the Jesus message around the Mediterranean world in the first century: Tychicus, John Mark, Nympha, Luke, Onesimus and Epaphras. Two thousand years later, we’re still talking about these people. They “made their mark.”

From Tychicus, we learn we need to bring our best self to our availability. John Mark teaches us the importance of reconciling relationships. Nympha demonstrates how to live with open hands by using our talent and treasure for others. Luke exemplifies a friend who sticks around and helps in many ways. Onesimus models a life with a new purpose, reoriented to be in line with Jesus’ priorities. Epaphras helps us understand the motivation and role of service.

Today, as you consider “making a mark” that lasts, where has God challenged you through these six people? Jot down two or three next steps you are taking to follow through on that challenge to live a life that makes a mark.

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