Beyond the Weekend

February 20 | A New Kind of Hero

February 20, 2017

1 Corinthians 4.2
To do small things that are right continually, without being noticed, is much more important…Faithfulness in the little things better proves your true love for God. It is the slow, plodding path rather than a passing fit of enthusiasm that matters. ~ French Priest Francois Fenelon

Father Fenelon reminds us that to “dream big, think small” is attaching ourselves to something life-giving and performing with consistency and redundancy. As Pastor Jeff Manion said in last weekend’s sermon, “Don’t break the chain.” Your work matters. Your life matters. The daily routines you commit yourself to—whether a parent, employee, spouse, or student—matter.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll explore, learn, and grow in this challenging area of faithful living by working through the book, Dream Big, Think Small. To dream big, think small is to pay close attention to the daily habits and routines that lead to a slow and steady journey through life that culminates in a dramatically faithful legacy.

Take a moment and complete the challenge on page 21 of Dream Big, Think Small. Identify three people in your life who are examples of steady, consistent faithfulness. Write down what you have learned from each of them. Second, write down ways you can apply what you’ve learned so you can build a legacy of faithfulness.

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