Beyond the Weekend

February 21 | Ant Power

February 21, 2017

Proverbs 30.25

The dynamic of Ant Power hinges on repetition. It might involve getting up and engaging in pretty much the same activity, over and over, week after week, year after year. ~ Jeff Manion, Dream Big, Think Small, pg. 24

Pastor Jeff Manion challenges us to remember that some of our most critical work will be boring, repetitive, and the results seemingly invisible.

However, these small contributions add up. Marriages become healthier with daily acts of love, service, and forgiveness. Faithful parenting requires studying our kids, repeating the same lessons and time with them. Valuable employees show up on time ready to fulfill their responsibilities each day regardless of how they feel. And successful students study, memorize, and turn their assignments in on time.

Over time, what seems boring, invisible, and small adds up to faithful parenting, a responsible employee, and a dependable student.

During last weekend’s sermon, Jeff  highlighted the curious reality that a lot of things that are good for us are easy to do, however they are easier not to do. In the clip below, Jeff explores two reasons why we are tempted to bail on things that are good for us.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll explore, learn, and grow in this challenging area of faithful living by working through the book, Dream Big, Think Small. To dream big, think small is to pay close attention to the daily habits and routines that lead to a slow and steady journey through life that culminates in a dramatically faithful legacy.

Today, on page 28 of Dream Big, Think Small, consider one ant-like activity you could begin immediately. It doesn’t need to be spectacular or flashy. What matters is whether it is consistent, steady, and obedient.

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