Beyond the Weekend

February 23 | Faithful Steps

February 23, 2017

Proverbs 10.4-5
I long for our servants to cultivate tenacious dependability, to grasp the necessity of bringing themselves day after day—particularly in disappointing seasons when it seems as though nothing monumental is occurring. ~ Jeff Manion, Dream Big, Think Small, pg. 36

Pastor Jeff Manion points out that perseverance is hard. Many of us find it incredibly easy to grow impatient, restless, and bored. Looking for the next “big thing” lures us into the black hole of instant gratification and the danger of building a meaningless life.

Faithfulness contrasts instant gratification. It is not a virtue often honored in our culture, yet, Jeff reminds us that faithfulness is most crucial. Other people are depending on your diligence. Your kids are counting on your presence and commitment to coach, correct, and encourage them. Your workplace depends on your daily efforts and routines. Your spouse longs for your daily attention, love, and forgiveness. Your church counts on your service and generosity to help others follow Jesus. Your life affects other people’s lives.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll explore, learn, and grow in this challenging area of faithful living by working through the book, Dream Big, Think Small. To dream big, think small is to pay close attention to the daily habits and routines that lead to a slow and steady journey through life that culminates in a dramatically faithful legacy.

Today, take some time to complete the challenge on page 40 of Dream Big, Think Small. Identify current challenges you are experiencing in work, ministry, or family. Write them down and offer a prayer asking God how you can take faithful steps when it seems as if nothing monumental is occurring.

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