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February 27 | Refilling an Empty Tank

February 27, 2017

2 Timothy 1.6-7

We have a tendency to “run on empty” without realizing it. When running on fumes, our mood sours, our creativity evaporates, and we find it challenging to make basic decisions. ~ Jeff Manion [Dream Big, Think Small pages 47-48]

Pastor Jeff Manion begins week two of the series Dream Big, Think Small by reminding us how easy it is to keep driving around when we clearly see the gas needle is on empty. When we’re living on “ant power” —doing something repetitively day after day— what is effective can become exhaustive. Not recognizing our own limits often causes us to just give up emotionally and spiritually. It’s not that repetitively working hard to bring your best is the problem. The problem is running out of fuel so you can’t bring your best.

Paul reminds Timothy “to fan into flame” the gift God has given him. To do God’s calling with power, love and self-discipline. Gauging your spiritual and emotional reserves is a discipline that keeps you bringing the best version of yourself to your tasks. Instead of just showing up in body only, Paul encourages Timothy to rely on God’s power instead of letting fatigue and self-effort rob him of joy and passion.

As you begin this week, tell God, “I need your refilling in my life so I can serve with joy and passion out of your resources.” Continue to offer up a prayer to God like the one from Day 6 (page 53 in the book) that recognizes your need to be refilled.

This sermon series is a companion to the book by Jeff Manion, Dream Big, Think Small.

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