Beyond the Weekend

March 7 | Filling

March 7, 2017

Galatians 5.22-23

In examining the condition of my heart, I become aware of my daily need for God’s filling. I desperately need my Lord if I am to approach situations with kindness, courage, and wisdom. – Jeff Manion [Dream Big, Think Small page 92]

Today and the next two days are focused on the discipline of journaling. Though people use journals differently, we’d like to offer three techniques that will help you nurture a healthy heart towards God if done with consistency. Today we begin with examining our hearts and asking for God’s filling.

Our hearts are deep waters. And it’s easy to go through a day completely unaware of its currents. We speak, act and react from the condition of our hearts. One of the most crucial habits we can practice is quieting our world to examine our hearts daily. As Pastor Manion said, “When it’s hardest to find time to quiet ourselves before Him, it’s probably the season we need it most.”

It’s important for us to invite God to fill us with what we need. He loves it when we do this. If your heart is anxious, you may need to ask for God’s peace. If your heart is angry, you may need to ask for God’s gentleness. One way we can test the condition of our hearts (and know what to ask for) is by understanding the Fruit of Spirit in Galatians 5.22-23. These are not traits we can simply manufacture from within but traits God provides through his Spirit.

As we engage Day 12 of our Dream Big, Think Small journey on page 93, take your journal and respond to the question, “How’s your heart?” Be sure to quiet the noise around you. Then ask God to fill and empower you according to the traits he’s made available in Galatians 5.22-23.

This sermon series is a companion to the book by Jeff Manion, Dream Big, Think Small.

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