Beyond the Weekend

March 15 | Samuel’s Circuit

March 15, 2017

1 Samuel 7.15-16

However, much of faithful living is anchored in routine. Faithful, effective service to others often involves bringing ourselves to the same people, and often in the same way. ~ Jeff Manion [DBTS pg 126]

Rooted deeply in all of us is the desire to live a great life. Wanting to live lives that make a difference, we look for that one great thing. But in doing so, we run the risk of missing the thing that truly defines a great life—faithfulness. It’s what we see in the life of Samuel, the Old Testament prophet who lead a national revival (1 Samuel 7).

Following this nation-changing event, the Bible describes the remainder of his life as, “From year to year he went on a circuit from Bethel to Gilgal to Mizpah, judging Israel in all those places” (1 Samuel 7.15-16). As Pastor Jeff Manion tells in the video below, this was a repeated circuit of faithfulness that probably wasn’t easy, comfortable, or convenient. But it had a lasting impact and stabilized a nation. It’s the lasting impact we all desire.

Today identify your “circuit,” those two or three tasks you endlessly repeat in service to others. Write them down on page 129 (Day 18) of Dream Big, Think Small as you realize how important and life-giving the daily grind actually is.

This sermon series is a companion to the book by Jeff Manion, Dream Big, Think Small.

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