Beyond the Weekend

March 17 | How We Heal

March 17, 2017

Psalm 55.12-17

To love is to put your heart at risk. Relational pain is inevitable and unavoidable for those who open their hearts to others. ~ Jeff Manion [DBTS, pg 138]

Friendships can be both the source of great joy and great pain. As you serve faithfully over the years, you will be hurt by those closest to you. Have this happen enough times and the temptation to quit will be very real. You’ll want to bail, walk away, and hang it up. A crushed spirit, combined with unhealed wounds, can lead you to shrug your shoulders and walk slowly away.

This is what King David writes about in Psalm 55. He’s been deeply hurt by a dear friend and he’s in real pain. His solution is not to walk away, but to give all of his pain to God (Psalm 55.16-17). A life of faithful service, especially when we’ve been hurt, requires a continued conversation with our Lord.

In Day 20 on page 143 of DBTS, write down those things you need healing from: a person, unrealized dreams, skepticism, or negativity. But don’t stop there. Write down to whom and where you can turn for healing and then make the first contact as you begin to move down the road to real healing.

This sermon series is a companion to the book by Jeff Manion, Dream Big, Think Small.

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