Beyond the Weekend

March 28 | When Nobody’s Watching

March 28, 2017

Romans 5.1-5

‘Champions are made when no one is watching.’ ~ Apollo Ohno  [quoted in DBTS, pg. 184]

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden once said, “The true test of a [person’s] character is what [they] do when no one is watching.” Likewise, Pastor Manion reminds us that the most meaningful pursuits of our lives require a commitment to private discipline.

A student dodges the many moral landmines in her high school hallways because she spends time each morning reading her Bible in order to reflect the heart of Christ. Watch the guy who gets up every Friday to meet his men’s group at 6 am—a group devoted to digging into the Scriptures to encourage one another to be faithful employees, husbands, fathers, and followers of Christ. Consider the young mom who’s able to engage the unending needs of her toddlers because she takes advantage of their naptimes to refill her soul with the encouragement of Scripture.

This doesn’t come easy, and often isn’t what they’d choose to do. However, they couldn’t give themselves diligently to their responsibilities without these unglamorous daily commitments no one sees. Commitments to explore, learn, and apply the ways of Christ to our lives.

Today, answer the question in Day 27 on page 188 of Dream Big Think Small, What single, quiet activity could make the biggest difference in my personal, professional, or spiritual life?

This sermon series is a companion to the book by Jeff Manion, Dream Big, Think Small.

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