Beyond the Weekend

April 10 | Triumphal Entry

April 10, 2017

Luke 19.29-44

Like Moses who led Israel out of slavery from Egypt, Jesus is the second Moses, who leads Israel out of slavery from sin. This past weekend guest speaker Brad Gray gave us a closer look at the second Moses as he entered Jerusalem for the last time before his crucifixion.

Palm Sunday is often called the “triumphal entry” because the crowd greets Jesus with great enthusiasm shouting “hosanna” (the one who saves). Weary from laboring under Roman tyranny, they’re looking for a liberator and believe Jesus is a warrior king who will defeat Rome and reestablish the Kingdom of Israel.

But they were blind just like the Israelites following Moses from Egypt, who thought slavery looked better than freedom. The Jews who welcomed Jesus as a military conqueror were blind to his messages of resurrection and new life (John 11.25-26). Jesus weeps in the midst of the “hosannas” at their inability to understand how much better the liberation he offers is—a liberation that will last for eternity.

Last week you were asked to identify a sin in your life that has you looking back to slavery. Today, thank Jesus for the permanent freedom he offers by praying, “Thank you Jesus for dying for this thing I struggle with, that calls me back to my old life without you. Thank you for hearing my prayer and liberating me. Your way is the best way. Grow my faith and trust in your process to change me.”

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