Beyond the Weekend

April 11 | Warrior or Humble King?

April 11, 2017

Matthew 21.1-9

When Jesus entered Jerusalem to the cries of, “Hosanna in the highest,” he wasn’t smiling. In fact he wept. The crowd was looking for a military leader who would take care of their Roman tyranny problem. They missed the clue he gave that he was their humble king, by riding in on a donkey. “See, your king comes to you, righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey… I will take away the chariots…and the warhorses…and the battle bow will be broken” (Zechariah 9.9-10). He is indeed their King, but not the one they want.

Jesus was good for the “hosanna” crowd as long as he fulfilled their expectations. He knew it and it crushed his heart (Luke 19.41). He needed them to trust him to do what he needed to do in the manner he needed to do it.

We too want “warrior-Jesus” to rush in and pay our bills, heal our ailments, give us a raise, and fix our lives. We want it how and when we say. Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem confronts us with our heart motivation. What are our intentions as we wave our palm branches and yell “hosanna”?

As you meet with God today, ask him for an attitude check on the way you approach him. If you are giving God conditional love based on him giving what you want, ask for forgiveness. Thank him for how deeply he loves you and pledge your trust in how he wants to unfold his plan in your life.

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