Beyond the Weekend

April 12 | “Your” Jesus

April 12, 2017

John 12.12-19

The Jews who welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday believed in their own version of him—a warrior who performed miracles and would free them from Rome. They are the same crowd who a week later called for his death. Jesus was only as good to them as he fulfilled their expectations.

People often have their own version of Jesus. We want him to be the way that will benefit us the most, make us happy, and create the least amount of stress and effort. Our version affects our faith and is then reflected in our behavior, especially when things go wrong. If our faith is based on the version of Jesus we’ve created, and not on the truth of his actual promises, our faith may become lukewarm, or we may reject him like the crowd did.

Today in your Chair time think about your version of Jesus and where it came from. Is it based on the truth of the Bible, or how you want him to be? The real Jesus is the one taught about in Scripture. Consider how what you know affects your faith and trust. Then commit to learning about and knowing the real Jesus by joining a small group, and spending personal time in Scripture.

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