Beyond the Weekend

April 14 | Good Friday

April 14, 2017

John 19.1-30

Today begins Easter weekend. Many have wondered why the day Jesus suffered and died is called “good” Friday since the circumstances leading up to it are so terrible.

Thursday evening Jesus has an early Passover meal with his disciples and one of them leaves to betray him. The rest go to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray with Jesus. They fall asleep and he prays alone, in anguish for what’s going to happen. In the morning, temple guards arrive and arrest Jesus. He’s been up all night, but is dragged from place to place where he’s falsely accused, beaten, scourged, mocked, then declared “guilty” by calling himself King of the Jews.

Condemned to one of the cruelest deaths known to mankind, he carries his own cross to the execution where he’s stripped and nailed to the beams. This does not sound like a good day.

Considering how Jesus suffered, we should be sad. His disciples scattered in fear, and very few who loved him witnessed his death. Yet, Jesus’ last words are a glimmer of the hope that’s coming on Sunday. “It is finished”—meaning the debt of sin is “paid in full” (John 19.30).

As you reflect on the price Jesus paid on the cross for you, insert your own name in this phrase, “paid in full for _____.” His death ended death for all who believe (John 3.16). Watch Vertical Church Band sing, “More than I Deserve,” and thank Jesus for this good day.

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