Beyond the Weekend

April 20 | Not Alone

April 20, 2017

John 20.16-22

Standing outside the empty tomb as the risen Jesus revealed himself to her, Mary clutches Jesus in her arms. She had lost him once to a Roman cross and she wasn’t going to lose him again. But Jesus has to tell her, “Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father” (John 20.17).

Later that day Jesus comes to his disciples and gives them the gift of the Holy Spirit. He has to remind his followers over and over again he can’t stay. He has to ascend to the Father, but he will send the Holy Spirit to guide and comfort them. This incredible gift is still a vital experience of every person who follows Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is God and bears the heart and mind of the Father and Jesus. The Trinity is a mystery, but we know the Holy Spirit is sent to bear witness in our hearts to our adoption as God’s kids and to help guide us to experience God’s life here on Earth. Jesus is literally with us through the Holy Spirit as he takes up residence in our hearts. He is always with us.

Today, take a minute to listen to the song “You Are With Me” by Andrew Marcus. May this song remind you God is ever with you through the Holy Spirit.

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