Beyond the Weekend

April 25 | The Feast

April 25, 2017

Revelation 19.9

Feasting is a repeated theme in the Bible. Feasts were times of celebration, commemorating what God had done. The authors of the Bible also use the language of a feast to represent the world the Messiah would bring. This theme stretches from Psalm 36.8 to Isaiah 25.6 to Revelation 19.9. The Messiah will offer a feast of great joy and peace.

It’s no coincidence John records Jesus’ miracle at a wedding feast as the first sign. After Jesus turns the water into wine, it’s taken to the master of the feast for approval. This reference is a clear illusion to Jesus’ messianic role as the true master of the feast. John is telling his readers, “He’s here.” The disciples with Jesus see the connection with John 2.11 telling us they believed.

Jesus’ role as master of the feast is two-fold. First, he’s already given us a taste of the peace and joy he offers. By following him and developing the same character he has, we can become people of peace and joy, despite the circumstances. Second, Jesus offers us real hope as we look forward to the peace and joy awaiting us. We may be going through a mess now, but we know the feast is coming. Viewing Jesus as the master of the feast should radically reshape our image of heaven.

Today, as you consider the taste of peace and joy available, coupled with the hope of what we have to look forward to, write a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Thank him for not only those moments of peace and joy you experience now, but also the hope he offers.

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