Beyond the Weekend

May 2 | Searching

May 2, 2017

John 1.44-46

This past weekend Pastor Aaron Buer reminded us that searching in the wrong places can cost us the very thing for which we are searching. Because Nathanael had his mind set on Jesus being from a respectable part of Israel, he can’t wrap his mind around the idea of Jesus coming from a backwards village on the wrong side of the tracks. He was looking for Jesus in the wrong places.

Our longings, unfulfilled hopes and problems sometimes lead us to go searching in the wrong places, which can lead us to some dangerous places, even destruction. What are you looking for and where has it led you? Think of all the god-substitutes our heart creates to fill our deepest longings.

We can get lost in pornography, trusting in our bank accounts, demanding recognition from others or finding significance in our kids or work. The list can be endless. We all have a God-void we attempt to fill with god-substitutes. These are dangerous paths where we get lost and returning home can be very difficult.

Take a moment to write down some of the ways our culture tries to give you value and fill the God-void in your life. Read Psalm 139.13-18 inviting God to reinforce your worth and value come from him alone.

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