Beyond the Weekend

May 3 | Search & Rescue

May 3, 2017

John 1.47-48
Nathanael is stunned that Jesus knew him. He had never met Jesus, yet Jesus knew Nathanael had been under the fig tree. Nathanael’s story shows us before we know anything about Jesus, he knows everything about us.

Our deepest desire is to be known and loved. Yet, many of us wrestle with people truly knowing us, rejecting us and running. We treasure the moments when people demonstrate understanding of our motives and desires. We long for others to accept and love us.

Jesus said these words, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19.10). This means he came looking for you and he knows right where you are. For some of us this is reassuring. For others, this is scary. We don’t feel worthy as we’re crushed by the weight of our shame and guilt. We know where we are and we don’t want Jesus to know or find us.

Today, recite this prayer: “Father, I am so grateful that you came to seek and save the lost. This means you came looking for me. You know exactly where I am today and you love me anyway. I know I can’t stay here, but you will help me. You will help me let go of my destructive habits and learn your ways. I am so thankful that you truly understand my motives and desires, how I tick, and why I do the things I do. Thank you for accepting and loving me anyway.”

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