Beyond the Weekend

May 4 | Surrender

May 4, 2017

John 1.48-51

Pastor Aaron Buer reminded us this past weekend the end of searching is surrender. We often come to Jesus searching for help with the problems we face, but discover that Jesus is so much more. Why? Because we were created by Jesus for relationship with him. Without him, we will always be searching. With him, we experience the wholeness and peace for which Jesus designed us.

It’s tempting to demand from Jesus that he fix our finances, relationships, health or circumstances. Nathanael and the early followers of Christ had similar expectations as they hoped Jesus would fix their Roman occupation problem. Jesus had a different purpose. He wanted to fix their sin problem.

Jesus may never solve the challenges you face. However, he will change your heart and ability to be obedient in the midst of difficulty and hardship.Watch this video clip as Pastor Aaron Buer challenges us to surrender the things we search for in order to find the one thing we truly long for—Jesus. This requires many things: that we believe Jesus is Lord, he alone can save me from my sin and receive his gift of salvation through forgiveness and grace. This leads to the peace of being right with Jesus no matter what we face.

Take a few moments to listen to “Came to My Rescue” by Hillsong United. Absorb the lyrics and allow God to embed the truth deep into your heart and soul that you are worthy of his rescue.

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