Beyond the Weekend

May 8 | Three Conversations

May 8, 2017

John 4.1-43

This past weekend, Senior Pastor Jeff Manion led us through three conversations that all occurred while Jesus and his disciples were in Samaria. First, Jesus encounters the woman at the well. In this conversation, Jesus explains the gospel to a woman who then runs into town to tell what she’s learned. While she was gone, Jesus has a second conversation with the disciples. Jesus corrects the disciples’ thinking as he explains the opportunity in front of them. Finally, Jesus begins a third conversation as the Samaritans come out of the town to see him.

In all three conversations, Jesus teaches unique lessons as he goes out of his way to meet people where they are. While he reaches them through different conversations, the result is always the same—belief.

Consider each conversation as you welcome God into your week. Think about the woman at the well who is looking to things other than God to find meaning. The disciples who fail to recognize the opportunity God has given them. The Samaritans who represent the opportunities God gives in uncomfortable spaces.

We’re all in different places spiritually and Jesus meets us where we are. Which of these conversations most resonates with you? Thank him today for meeting you exactly where you are as you take the next step in belief.

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