Beyond the Weekend

May 11 | The Disciples

May 11, 2017

John 4. 27-38

The disciples were on edge being in Samaria. They did not want to be there at all much less spend time there to minister to the people. Jesus could tell they were anxious to get moving.

Yet, Jesus knows something special is about to happen. As the woman runs into town, Jesus teaches the disciples an important lesson about evangelism. He explains how, here in Samaria, the seeds of evangelism were already planted. Many scholars believe that John the Baptist was ministering in this area before Jesus and the disciples. Because of this, these people were ready to believe.

This is an important lesson for all of us as we engage those around us who need the gospel. Jesus is saying that one plants and another harvests. Pastor Manion explained that we can assume God is at work in people’s hearts both before and after our conversations with them. We may be getting the soil ready, planting the first seeds or perhaps harvesting. Understanding this frees us to be more open to push relationships further into spiritual waters. In this passage, Jesus is showing us God is already at work in hearts. It’s up to us to simply engage them in spiritual conversations.

We all have people in our lives who need Jesus. We may not know where they are in their spiritual journey but God calls us to engage them regardless. Write down the names of 2-3 people you can engage in spiritual conversations this week. Watch this clip from the weekend’s service to remind you what God may be doing in the hearts of people around you.

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