Beyond the Weekend

May 12 | The Samaritans

May 12, 2017

John 4.39-43

After Jesus tells the woman at the well all she’d done, she runs into the town to tell the rest of the people. The people knew the woman and had ostracized her because of her promiscuity. When they saw her boldness to run into the town center and tell everyone what had happened—they knew it was important. They ran out to see Jesus and believed.

This was not the reaction the disciples were expecting as they were in a place they didn’t want to be and didn’t want to minister. The disciples were in a foreign land filled with a people group the Jews despised. The disciples just wanted to put their heads down and get through it. Despite this, Jesus chooses to keep them there two more days. He sees the potential of this place.

Often we get stuck in places we’d rather avoid. It could be a job we do not like or a house that’s too small. Or maybe it’s more tragic in the recent loss of a parent or the pain of a miscarriage. While these are places we’d rather avoid, we need to remember God works through these detours in our lives.

Today, listen to Only King Forever by Elevation Worship and consider how Christ is in control regardless of what you are going through. Be looking for opportunities for advancing the kingdom he places in front of you today.

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