Beyond the Weekend

May 17 | Not My Boss

May 17, 2017

John 9.13-14

“‘I don’t want there to be a God; I don’t want the universe to be like that.’ My guess is that this cosmic authority problem is not a rare condition.” ~ Thomas Nagel

In the blind man’s story, the Pharisees have already made up their minds about who Jesus is not. Disinterested in listening to evidence that Jesus is the Messiah, they’re on a quest to disprove his power and authority to heal a man they believe blind due to sin. Their search moves them closer to truth yet further from belief. Therefore, they reject the blind man and his parents’ testimony, declare Jesus a sinner and resort to arguing and name calling.

In coming to faith, there are different influences: intellectual (is the Bible true?), relational (knowing a believer) and personal (willingness to submit to Jesus). The Pharisees have already decided Jesus will not be the boss of them. They claim to have spiritual sight but show themselves to be spiritually blind because of their unwillingness to submit.

Think about our culture and the objections people raise to believing in Jesus that are smoke screens for not wanting to submit. Pray that those who make excuses will see the truth of who Jesus is and will want to submit and trust him.

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