Beyond the Weekend

May 29 | Moving

May 29, 2017

Joshua 3.1–4.9

God’s chosen people, the Israelites, are on the cusp of completing an epic 40-year journey from slavery to entering the land God promised them. Forty years before their parents had the same opportunity. But they refused to trust God, which led to a nomadic existence in the wilderness. Now, the new generation of Israelites are ready to move into their own country.

Life brings change. How we deal with it influences who we become and alters the trajectory of our life. The generation of Israelites who previously failed to trust God were defined by their choice, dying in the wilderness and unable to enter the land.

This weekend, Pastor Aaron Buer unpacked this story showing us four actions for navigating life change. First, follow God. When God’s leading and we’re following, it’s impossible to go the wrong way. Second, respect God. We respect God by recognizing and placing our life under his authority. Third, prepare. Preparing is getting spiritually ready for what God might do tomorrow. Fourth, remember. When we remember what God has done for us, it gives us a proper perspective.

As you begin your week, reflect on a season of change and how God worked through it. In your journal, jot down a few of the ways God was faithful in that time. Note what would be helpful for you to remember the next time you go through a season of change.

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