Beyond the Weekend

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May 30, 2017

Joshua 3.1-4a

Crossing the Jordan River marked a major moment for every Israelite. Wandering through the wilderness is all they’ve ever known. The thought of having a “home” must’ve been overwhelming as they experienced a mixture of excitement, fear and anticipation. When the leaders instruct them to follow the Ark (a box that symbolized God’s presence with them), all these emotions heighten. They follow because they’ve never been that way before.

Life change frequently involves a place we’ve never been. Maybe it’s the change from middle school to high school, from high school to college, from single to married, from married to single, from no kids to kids, from unemployed to employed, from employed to unemployed, from parent to grandparent, or from working to retirement. We learn that when God is leading and we’re following, it’s impossible to go the wrong way.

While they had a box to follow, we have something better—a book. If you want to know God’s leading in your life, you have to know his book. If we want to follow God, we need to be reading his Word (the Bible).

Summer is often a challenging time to consistently engage the Bible. Today, spend some time developing a plan to interact with the Bible. One way you might consider is to join a men’s or women’s summer group. For more information, visit

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