Beyond the Weekend

June 1 | Prepare

June 1, 2017

Joshua 3.5

As the people eagerly anticipate the move, their leader Joshua gives one more instruction. They are to spiritually prepare—to consecrate themselves. They spiritually prepare themselves to be used by God. This ritual cleanliness represented their recognition of God’s holiness and their submission to his authority.

We also need to prepare for the moves life brings. While they knew the move was coming the next day, we often don’t know when a move will come. We need to be preparing all the time. At Ada Bible, we’ve identified three areas crucial to spiritual preparation: the Row, the Circle and the Chair. We believe a commitment to the weekend services (Row), a small group (Circle) and spending time alone with God and his Word (Chair) will help spiritually prepare you for any moves you go through.

If there’s one thing we know about life—it’s that change is inevitable. Since it is coming, we need to spiritually prepare. Today, identify a change that may be coming in your life. Maybe you’re moving from single to married or from married to single. Maybe you are becoming a parent or grandparent for the first time. Perhaps you graduated from college and are entering the workforce or staring down retirement. Determine how you are going to spiritually prepare for the change and begin preparing.

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