Beyond the Weekend

June 15 | Persistent Lover

June 15, 2017

Hosea 2.15-3.5

Hosea is heartbroken. He’s obeyed God, married a prostitute who runs off and doesn’t even know which of his children are actually his. Then God does a reversal and tells him to buy her back, restore her as wife and continue to love her. This is a beautiful picture of God’s heart that desires the redemption and restoration of his people who wander off. He too is going to draw Israel back to himself and “give back her vineyards…speak tenderly to her…and she will respond as in the day she came out of Egypt.”

Part of what’s inferred in Hosea buying back his wife is her willingness to return to a persistent lover who longs for her enough to track her down and restore her. Their marriage will begin anew. God will also offer restoration to Israel by leading them from exile back to the Promised Land and a renewed relationship with him.  Hosea and God are persistent lovers who compel their beloved to come home.

If you sense God is pursuing you to begin a new relationship or restore one you’ve wandered from—don’t resist. Simply tell him you accept Christ’s payment for your sins by dying on the cross, and you are ready to follow and begin a new relationship. If you have wandered into idolatry, thank God for pursing you. Recommit to him your desire to follow and begin a restored relationship. We would love to hear your story and give you support at

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