Beyond the Weekend

June 20 | Is Your Life Open to Disruption?

June 20, 2017

Haggai 1.2-4

Rebuilding the Temple was an issue of priority. The Israelites didn’t say “no.” They just said “not now.”

Like the Israelites, we believe it when we say “later”. We honestly think we will get to it. However—say “later” long enough and it becomes “never.”

We each have critical areas of obedience to God we simply postpone. We’re like the Israelites who know the spiritual importance of the Temple but find reasons to “get around to it” another day.

  • We know we should carve out Chair Time each day to learn God’s Word but the pressures of work postpone our efforts.
  • We keep meaning to join a small group but it’s just not convenient right now.
  • We want to find a place to serve but our various commitments push this to “next time”.

Our desire for convenience, time constraints and the pressures of life often push God to the bottom of our priority list.

The troubling part of saying “later” is that it becomes lethal. Our procrastination can swiftly turn into disobedience. Essentially, what used to be “later” now turns into telling God, “no”.

At any moment we can turn “later” into “Yes God.” It’s never too late to resume your daily habit of reading Scripture, take steps to join a small group or invest in others through serving.

In your Chair Time today, identify an area of your life where you began to build a foundation with God but became distracted and need to return.

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