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June 22 | Is Your Life Marked By Decision?

June 22, 2017

Haggai 1.12-15

The Israelites have been here before. The prophet Jeremiah had warned them of an impending invasion if they continued their idol worship. They ignored Jeremiah and God allowed the invasion to come. The Israelites lost their city, their homes and were exiled to Babylon.

This time is different. They have learned to listen. Haggai instructed the Israelites to restart the building of the Temple and they actually listen! The people get to work and are blessed for it. Before cutting one piece of timber, God says to his people, “I am with you” (Haggai 1.13).

Our posture toward God matters. We won’t always get it right but he desires movement toward him. This requires the humble decision to hear and obey. To be humble is to agree that God is right and leave the results up to God. Our role is to focus exclusively on our own faithfulness and obedience.

We won’t always understand God’s commands but he is pleased and honors our movement when we obey. When relationships break, God desires for us to handle relational conflict one-on-one and entrust the results to him. With our finances, he desires stewardship and he’ll take care of our needs. At work, he expects us to give our best and leave the promotions and raises up to him.

In your Chair Time today, reflect on God’s faithfulness and goodness toward you by listening to the song “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin.

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