Beyond the Weekend

January 19 | Jesus’ Hospitality

January 19, 2018


“I must stay at your house today.” So he came down at once and welcomed him gladly. Luke 19:5b-6

Read: Luke 19:1-10

Listen: Luke 19


God’s generosity is overwhelming. Jesus lived this generosity. He was lavishly generous through his death in our place. But his death was merely the crescendo to a generous life rooted in grace.

One day, Jesus knew an ostracized man was waiting in a tree hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Jesus stops, looks the man in the eye and invites himself over for dinner.

The wildly generous nature of this cannot be overstated. This act of hospitality changed the course of the man’s life. The man was a social pariah. When Jesus went to his house, he went where no self-respecting person would go. He went out of his way to meet a need for a man he had just met.

Jesus is our model and motivation for hospitality. First, we believe that God really loves us that he sent his son to rescue us and wants to adopt us into his family. It gives us a place to belong. It should motivate us to behave because of what Jesus has done. It’s believe—belong—behave. That is the grace effect.


Reflect upon how God has lavished you with hospitality. When you were a stranger to him separated by sin, he enacted an incredibly generous plan to rescue you. He was ostracized—dying alone on a cross so we would never have to be alone. In your journal, thank God for the people he has used to show you his grace and specifically his hospitality. Who has welcomed you in, even when you were a stranger? Send one of them a thank-you note, email or text.

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