Beyond the Weekend

February 21 | Protection, Inquiry and Correction

February 21, 2018


I have told the men not to lay a hand on you. And whenever you are thirsty, go and get a drink from the water jars the men have filled. Ruth 2:9b

Read: Ruth 2

Listen: Ruth 2


Ruth had followed her mother-in-law back to Israel. They had lost everything, and Ruth was forced to scrounge around the edges of the fields to scrape together enough food for them to eat. As she was working there, the owner of the field noticed her and offered her words of protection. His protection provided her with a level of safety she probably had not known since she arrived in Israel. Words can be powerful.

Words of protection, inquiry and correction can be great gifts. We can offer words of protection when we stand up for someone being bullied or stop someone from speaking behind someone else’s back. When we judiciously inquire about how someone is spiritually, we give them the opportunity to ask questions. These questions lead to formative conversations about Jesus. When we lovingly offer words of correction, we provide the opportunity for someone to come face-to-face with needed change. Words of correction are never easy to receive, but they can lead to growth if we offer them with humility in love.


Consider those in your circle or around you. Who needs you to build them up with your words? How can you use words of comfort, encouragement, blessing, protection, inquiry or correction to be a builder? Ask God to give you the wisdom to use your words in these ways to build that person up.

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