Beyond the Weekend

March 21 | Our Unworthiness

March 21, 2018


We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve, but this man has done nothing wrong. Luke 23:41

Read: Luke 23:39-41

Listen: Luke 23


Both criminals seem to want something from Jesus. One mockingly says if you have real power save yourself and us. The other recognizes he is getting what he deserves, but Jesus didn’t do anything wrong. The second criminal doesn’t presume anything upon Jesus. He humbly asks to be remembered. His interaction with Jesus isn’t complex. He recognizes both who he is and who Jesus is. He knows he is unworthy, but Jesus is something altogether different.

We must decide which criminal we’re going to be like. Will we be like the first—interacting with Jesus, but really only wanting something for ourselves? Refusing to admit to anything but wanting everything? Or will we be like the second—recognizing our unworthiness and humbly asking to be remembered? When we’re honest with ourselves, we realize we don’t even live up to our own standards, let alone God’s. We need help and acknowledging this is the second safety check.


Complete an exercise designed to help us remember how we can never do it on our own and need help. Start a list, either on your phone or on a piece of paper and title it, “Today’s Sins.” Write down those times you think a mean thought, say the wrong thing, take something that isn’t yours, or don’t do something you should. At the end of the day read back through the list, confess those things to God and thank him for his forgiveness.

Download a printable PDF of the BTW week here.

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